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Analysing Results of a Moth Survey
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Green Futures
Newton Abbot
Restoring Nature, Valuing People


We are a community organisation based in Newton Abbot, that is dedicated to working with local people to improve our levels of wellbeing, grow our green economy and take care of our natural environment.

We’re developing a range of projects and services for people from all parts of our community, so do please have a look around our website and let us know if you’d like any more info.

Lets improve our lives and our planet together!

As you explore our site you will notice that each page, has its own look and feel to it, and yet all are connected.  This reflects the work of our staff, volunteers and the outdoor environment itself, creating an online ecosystem that replicates the importance of connectivity we share with the land that we work with and on.

A key focus at the moment is developing the Bradley Bug Recovery Network.


This is a broad-based, citizen science initiative to engage with local resident in
the Bradley Barton and Bradley Valley neighbourhoods in Newton Abbot. 
We will "bee" measuring insect numbers to give us a baseline reading from
which we can chart our success in restoring populations and increase biodiversity.

Watch a film about the Bradley Bug Project
With a Big Thankyou to Devon Environment Foundation for all of their support.

One of our other core services is Ways into Work , which is helping people who are unemployed, due to mental and emotional health issues, to gain the skills and the self confidence to step back into work.
We are also offering local landowners a reliable and affordable Land Management service which is focused on restoring natural habitats and improving levels of species biodiversity.

Do have an explore of our website and let us know if you’d like any more info.
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