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Images of our community projects and environmental work

Newton Abbot Town Council Allotment Fence

Working with a great team of

three volunteers we erected 
this fence on behalf of

Newton Abbot Town Council

Vicary's Field Allotment 03.png

The Chestnut posts are untreated; an ecologically sound material sourced and milled locally by
Dart Valley Sawmill near Buckfastleigh.

Vicary's Field Allotment 02.png

Despite torrential rain we managed to get the 
job done in three days

Vicary's Field Allotment 04.png
Vicary's Field Allotment 01.png
Vicary's Field Allotment 05.png
Vicary's Field Allotment 06.png
Vicary's Field Allotment 07.png

We are really grateful for the support from Newton Abbot Town Council for this project.

If you would like us to work
with you on a project, please do
get in touch, or check out our page:

Land Management

Vicary's Field Allotment 08.png
toolshed 01.png
toolshed 02.png
toolshed 03.png
toolshed 04.png
toolshed 05.png
toolshed 06.png
toolshed 07.png
toolshed 08.png
Button - Wren - small.png
toolshed 10.png
toolshed 09.png
Leat 01.png
Leat 02.png
Step 00a.png
Step 00b.png
Step 00.png
Step 03.png
Step 02.png
Step 05.png
Step 01.png
Step 04.png
Ecosystem 01 - Slow worms.png

Our Ecosystem...

Ecosystem 02 - Hazel.png
Ecosystem 03 - Blackberries.png
Ecosystem 04 - Frog.png

Newton Abbot Town Council Allotment Fence - Part 2

Vicary's Field Allotment 08.png
Vicary's Field Allotment 09.png

Meet the Moths!

Moth 03.png
Moth 02.png

As part of the Bradley Bug Recovery Network programme we spent a night monitoring moth species at the allotments  - a great night full of wonderful encounters with beautiful creatures - don't miss the next one - get in touch!

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